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Base Ground

Base Ground is the PAROOKAVILLE Campsite touching the festival area and the pre-party. Here you will find the market place as main meeting spot for all Campsite visitors including multiple shops and food trucks. Everything according to the motto: Get together and party!

Mellow Fields

The Mellow Fields are the right choice if you like it just a little bit smoother. This campsite offers the perfect mix between relaxing and party. You can walk within 10 minutes to the Base Ground through the forest. In total the Mellow Fields offer more space, a calmer location and for the very first time the Caravan Empire which is perfect for those who would like to build up their private 75m² camp.

Comfort Camp

The perfect campsite for everyone who wants to be free of lugging baggage around and setting up tents but arriving at a built up accomodationi of high quality. The visitors can expect relaxing chillout areas, separate parking lots and sanitary facilities for free.

Deluxe Camp

Deluxe Camp leaves nothing to be desired. It offers the best accomodations for two persons with even sleeping beds in it. Visitors of the Deluxe Camp can expect lots of extras on the campsite for a little bit luxury and a carefree package for the perfect festival weekend.

Partner / Friends

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