The City of Dreams

Parookaville is a city that comes to life once a year to keep the legend of Bill Parooka alive.

It was built as an artistic, free flowing and mad musical place where people can make contact with their pure selves, experience true connections and feel deep sensation of bliss and fulfillment.

Step into the dark if you dare, follow your inner light and dive into a spectacular world of freedom and love!

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The heart of PAROOKAVILLE and central drop-in center for all questions. At the townhall, all visitors become official PAROOKAVILLE citizens by picking up their own free PAROOKAVILLE Passport and the annual stamp. There you can also find the daily PAROOKAVILLE newspaper, an info point and the official lost & found office.


Bill's Factory

Bill‘s Factory was not only the place to make his visions and inventions, but also his home. Here he lived, worked and fantasized.

A building, which has grown over time and nowadays represents its interpretation of a fairytale castle. A castle accessible to everyone- for inspiration, as a sanctuary or simply to experience the wonderful life.


Wacky Shack

The Wacky Shack Bunker is a place like no other. Like the name sais, it is a night club which exists for the motto: Go Crazy! The crazier the better! At night the citizens unfold because exuberance is first priority.



The Parookaville washroom is a small stage in a bunker. The stage is designed in the style of a wash-house.  Here, no washing is to be washed, but the citizens‘ minds. A brainwashing for all new arrivals, which must first free themselves from all conventions.


Desert Valley

A giant outdoor research lab to loose yourself in a holiday feeling. It is a beautiful desert-like place to explore the limits of what is possible and to discover the physical interaction of art installations and nature.


Post Office

The post office is a historic institution where the vision of PAROOKAVILLE is spread to the whole world. Every year, thousands of citizens are sending postcards to their loved ones and let them know about the legend.



The kiosk of PAROOKAVILLE has everything a kiosks needs at a festival. Most importantly: snacks, drinks and cigarettes to go, so the journey goes on quickly.


Bermuda Quadrangle

At this place monster waves and violent storms arising. Although the cause is less mystical than the Bermuda Triangle, it is wild at any time of the day. In the 700 square meter pool, the citizens can cool down and continue partying at the same time overlooking the cult stage Bill's Factory. There also is an award for excellent swimming skills.


Parooka Church

The city church is free of conventions and religions. According to the motto: "Marrying who or what makes you happy". There are no limits for a wedding. Afterwards there is a certificate of marriage, a stamp for the PAROOKAVILLE passport and a photo.



If the luck in love at Parooka Church didn‘t work out, the Lottery can only go well, as it tests the citizen‘s luck at cards. Whether it's a lotto wheel or a wheel of fortune: every day, the sugar sweet lottery fairies care for great prizes from roller coaster rides to PAROOKAVILLE Visa. Good luck!



PAROOKAVILLE has a special jail for its citizens. Here you get lifelong as art under your skin! Get inked by the arrested tattoo artist and gain a lasting memory of PAROOKAVILLE.


City Forest

The beautiful City Forest in the centre of PAROOKAVILLE invites all citizens to realx a bit. There is a coffee bar, hanging mats and various art objects and light installations which allow to immerse yourself in a fantastic world and forget about everything for a while. 



Radiostation, Bank of PV, Boutique, Jägermeister Bar, Food

The Boulevard lets all shopping hearts desire. Whether as a memory of PAROOKAVILLE, for the best festival look or just as a new shirt after sweaty raves: A large selection of clothes and accessories is offered by the PAROOKAVILLE Boutique. At the Boulevard there also is the Bank of PAROOKAVILLE for the city’s currency, a live radiostation and tasty snacks and drinks.


Bill Parooka Square

If not founding father Bill Parooka himself who else should be right in the heart of PAROOKAVILLE? The humongous monument of 7m hight overlooks its whole legacy. As a citizen you have the possibility to perpetuate yourself in the base of the statue and thus become a part of the legend.