Dear citizens,

due to the ongoing corona pandemic, we have to cancel PAROOKAVILLE 2021 with a heavy heart. Until last, the entire team worked hard to postpone the festival to late summer. Unfortunately, as with many other promoters, it is impossible to hold a festival of this size in both July and September 2021.

Together with you, we are now looking forward to PAROOKAVILLE 2022 on 22-23-24 July 2022 at Weeze Airport.

All ticket buyers can again choose between a rollover of their tickets into 2022 without a price increase or a refund, which is expected to start in mid-June. Check out all information about the process here.

See you in July 2022,
your PAROOKAVILLE City Administration

Festival 2022 Info

PAROOKAVILLE 2022 is planned on 22-23-24 July at Weeze Airport (NRW).

The artists will be published within the next months. We can't guarantee that individual acts that were planned for 2020 will join PAROOKAVILLE 2022. Of course, we will make sure that at least the same quality is maintained and that all genres will be represented.

The ticket sale for PAROOKAVILLE 2022 is expected to start in mid-July. Details will follow..

Every citizen of PAROOKAVILLE must be at least 18 years old at the time of entry – no exceptions due to safety reasons!

Cancellation Info 2021

Every ticket orderer (!) is expected to receive an email from with a link to the rollover portal in mid-June (exact date will follow soon). There the ticket orderers can choose between the following options for two weeks, just like last year:

Option 1: Direct takeover of the tickets (entire shopping cart, same category) for PAROOKAVILLE 2022 without any surcharge due to the upcoming (pandemic-related) ticket price increases in 2022 and thus be one of the first to grab tickets for PAROOKAVILLE 2022 - in the already booked desired category.

Option 2: Refund of the entire shopping cart (no individual tickets). In this case, the ticket orderer will receive an e-mail from at the beginning of July to provide his bank details for the refund.

The exchange of the tickets for 2022 in the personal MyTicket-Portal and the refunds are expected to take place in mid/late July.

ATTENTION: For each order there is a separate e-mail from for the refund process.
Example: A ticket buyer has bought 2 tickets for PAROOKAVILLE 2020. At a later date, he bought a parking Add-On. He will therefore receive two e-mails from (one for the tickets, one for the Add-On) in which he can decide between the above options.

Only the person who ordered and bought the tickets in the official PAROOKAVILLE ticket shop will be able to decide between the options takeover of the tickets for 2022 and refund in our Rollover-Portal from mid-June. Even if the tickets are personalized to other persons. He is also the one who will receive the new tickets for PAROOKAVILLE 2022, or the refund to the bank account he specified after his decision.

All ticket orderers will receive an email from in mid-June including a link to a rollover portal where they can choose between the two options within two weeks.

This is generally not possible. Only the entire shopping cart for 2022 can be taken over or refunded. If you have any questions, please contact

Yes, everything you have ordered can be taken over or refunded.

ATTENTION: If Add-Ons were ordered separately, a separate mail from will be sent for the refund of the Add-Ons.

Yes, the ticket fees of the regular ticket shop are also refundable.

Yes, the ticket personalizations from 2021 will be retained.

The personal MyTicket-Portal from 2021 will remain the same after taking over the tickets for 2022. The new tickets for 2022 will approximately be available for download in mid/end July in your portal. Refunds are also expected to be issued in mid/end of July.

Unfortunately, only tickets purchased via our official Ticket Shop or Resale Shop are refundable. For tickets purchased through third parties or privately, claims for refunds must be requested directly from the third party vendor.

You should contact the respective company independently and clarify the possibilities.

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